Don Huffines Releases First TV AD: “For Taxpayers, Against Corruption”

For Immediate Release
September 18, 2018

Don Huffines Releases First TV AD: “For Taxpayers, Against Corruption”
Senator Huffines & voters won a landmark victory for taxpayers & against corruption 

[DALLAS, TX] – Don Huffines, running for re-election to Senate District 16, released his first TV advertisement today, highlighting his unwavering commitment to uprooting corruption in Dallas County. The ad focuses on Senator Huffines’ landmark victory against the corruption scandal involving former Dallas Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway, and touts Senator Huffines’ bipartisan work to shut down the corrupt bus bureaucracy known as “Dallas County Schools.” 

A transcript of the TV advertisement ( is below:

Voice-over: “Bribery, conspiracy, corruption. Crooked politicians were victimizing taxpayers and putting our kids in danger to line their own pockets. Senator Don Huffines stopped the assault, leading a bipartisan effort to halt the abuse, reform the system, and punish the guilty. We need lawmakers we can trust to stand up to political corruption and fight for what’s right. We need Don Huffines. Help Senator Huffines continue his fight against corruption. Vote for Don Huffines when you go to the polls.”

Caraway was the fourth individual to plead guilty in the “Dallas County Schools” corruption scandal, and the second public official. Together, the four individuals are facing as much as 32 years in prison for scamming taxpayers out of millions of dollars. Senator Huffines, who built a broad bipartisan coalition to take down the corruption, expects more indictments and/or guilty pleas are still to come. 

Senator Huffines stated, “Dallas taxpayers have suffered long enough from politicians getting rich at their expense. The ‘Dallas County Schools’ scandal that voters and I shut down is a stark reminder of the need to stay vigilant in the fight against corruption. Since taking office in 2014, I’ve worked hard every day to be a watchdog for taxpayers and uproot corruption at every turn. I was proud to lead the bipartisan fight to shut down the corrupt bus bureaucracy, but there’s so much more to do. I look forward to working with Governor Greg Abbott and my Senate colleagues next session to shine a spotlight on government, stand for transparency, strengthen ethics law, and enact pro-taxpayer policies.” 

Senator Huffines concluded, “Whenever self-serving politicians are scamming taxpayers, I’ll be the first one to stand up for the people and against corruption!”

The TV advertisement is on YouTube at the following link: