Don Huffines is Talking to Voters About his Record of Fighting Corruption

For Immediate Release
October 30, 2018

Don Huffines is Talking to Voters About his Record of Fighting Corruption
Huffines helped root-out the largest corruption scandal in Dallas County history

[DALLAS, TX] – With voters turning out to vote early in record numbers, Senator Don Huffines is at polling places on a daily basis, talking to voters about his bipartisan record of rooting out corruption in Dallas County. 

Don stated, “In the first week of Early Voting, I’ve spoken to hundreds of voters about my successful bipartisan record of taking on corruption, and it’s clear that message resonates across party lines. Voters are interested in my plans to reduce & reform property taxes and they’re telling me they like my fight against red light cameras. The most engaging discussions with voters, however, are about my work in 2017 that helped send five crooks to jail for defrauding taxpayers of tens of millions of dollars.”

In Austin, Don led the bipartisan legislative effort to give voters an opportunity to shut down Dallas County’s corrupt & outdated school bus bureaucracy. Then, back home, Don formed a bipartisan coalition to inform voters of the need to abolish the corrupt school bus bureaucracy. Voters agreed with Don, voting 58 percent to 42 percent to shut down the corrupt, failed government bureaucracy. 

Don continued, “When I started working on this corruption scandal, it was a lonely fight. But I kept working, building coalitions and convincing legislators and voters alike that taxpayers were being abused. As a state Senator and a watchdog for taxpayers, it was my obligation to stand up and act, and the victory continues to ring as we shut down the largest public corruption scandal in Dallas County’s history. I’m proud of what we accomplished for taxpayers. We shined a light so bright the crooks couldn’t hide.”

Since early voting started on Monday, October 22, Don has been personally talking to voters every day, visiting multiple early voting locations across Senate District 16. 

Don concluded, “When it comes to fighting corruption, shining a spotlight on government, and standing for transparency, I’m just getting started. I have a record of standing for ethics reform, transparency, and more honest government, and I’m excited to add to that record during the 2019 Texas Legislative session. My team and I are working hard every day to earn voters’ support, and the hard work for taxpayers will continue in 2019 and beyond.”