New Guilty Plea in Huffines’ Successful Fight Against Government Corruption

For Immediate Release
October 23, 2018

New Guilty Plea in Huffines’ Successful Fight Against Government Corruption
Five crooks are headed to jail: three public officials and two crooked businessmen

[DALLAS, TX] –Today, Senator Don Huffines joins taxpayers in celebrating a new guilty plea related to the effort he spearheaded to expose and take down government corruption in Dallas County. Former DCS Board President, Larry Duncan – a former elected official - pleaded guilty yesterday to tax evasion for using campaign contributions to pay for "car related expenses, cash withdrawals, money for Duncan and his wife, and other items which benefited Duncan personally." 

Senator Huffines stated, “Four years ago, I campaigned as a watchdog for taxpayers and an outsider who would take on politics as usual and stand against corrupt politicians and bureaucrats. I continue to deliver on that promise. This government corruption scandal is the largest in Dallas County history and it cost taxpayers millions. I shut it down, and the victory continues to ring today as more crooked politicians are brought to justice for ripping off taxpayers.”

Five crooks headed to jail. Photo: Benjamin Robinson/The Dallas MorningStaff photographer

In 2017, Senator Huffines wrote the legislation that gave voters the opportunity to abolish DCS, and he worked with Republicans and Democrats to get that legislation passed. In Dallas, Senator Huffines formed a diverse coalition that informed voters of the corruption scandal and their opportunity to end it. The Senator’s coalition included the Dallas Citizens Council, Mayor Mike Rawlings, and two Dallas ISD school board members. 

Senator Huffines concluded, “When I started working on this issue, it was a lonely fight. But I worked hard to build broad, bipartisan coalitions in the Legislature and at home in Dallas to take down this corruption. With five crooks headed to jail, I can confidently say it was worth the many months of hard work. The tentacles of this government corruption scandal run wide and deep, but the people of Dallas County can rest assured that I’m just getting started in my fight against corruption!”