Border Region Mayor Endorses Don Huffines


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DALLAS, TX, May 25, 2021 — Wednesday, the mayor of Uvalde, a South Texas city near the Mexican border, announced his endorsement of Republican candidate for Texas governor Don Huffines. Mayor Don McLaughlin said Governor Greg Abbott’s failure to secure Texas’ southern border has caused chaos and violence in Uvalde, a town of 17,000 citizens.

In a video of his endorsement of Huffines, McLaughlin said:

“As a mayor who sees what’s happening near our border on a daily basis, I want to make it very clear that the crisis on the border is far, far worse than many people realize; and it’s going to destroy my town, our state, and this country if we don’t do something about it now. Uvalde is 80% Hispanic origin and it has been a peaceful place most of our lives. But not anymore.

“I’m fed up. Joe Biden left our border wide open, and Governor Greg Abbott has kept it that way. … I’m supporting Don Huffines for Governor because he is committed to finishing the wall and actually closing the border to stop illegals from pouring into our state.”

Law enforcement has apprehended over 200,000 illegal aliens in the Del Rio sector so far this year. The number of illegal aliens caught in Uvalde each month is nearly total to the town’s entire population; in April alone, law enforcement apprehended 16,000 adult male aliens.

Last week during an appearance on Fox Nation, McLaughlin told Tucker Carlson Uvalde is like the “Wild Wild West,” and that his citizens, including schoolchildren, are being endangered by cartel violence and illegal aliens on a near daily basis.

Huffines said of McLaughlin’s endorsement:

“I am grateful to have the support of Mayor Don McLaughlin. For too long, the good people of Uvalde have been forced to endure lawlessness and violence in their community. As governor I will restore law and order by building a wall and shutting the border until illegal immigration stops. The future of Uvalde, the State of Texas, and our nation depend on restoring actual Republican leadership.”

See the video of Mayor Don McLaughlin’s endorsement of Don Huffines at: