Don Huffines: Texas Will Build Its Own Wall


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DALLAS, TX, May 17, 2021 — Republican candidate for Texas governor Don Huffines today issued the following statement in response to new data from U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) showing that illegal alien crossings into Texas have reached unprecedented levels: 

“The Biden Administration won’t secure our border, so Texas will. As governor, I will immediately authorize construction on a border wall. We will build our own wall without the federal governmentand we’re not going to ask their permission to do it. It will be a Texas wall. And we won’t stop building until it’s complete. 

“Texans know our border is wide open. More illegal aliens are pouring into our state than ever before. This is an invasion. Texans are rightfully fed up with state politicians in Austin who campaigned on securing the border but then lacked the courage to do it after being elected.”

According to new data, CBP encountered 180,000 illegal aliens attempting entry along the U.S. border in April alone—an uptick from March, when illegal crossings were already near a record high. 

From Governor Greg Abbott’s election in 2015 until the end of 2020, CBP apprehended more than 1.7 million illegal aliens in Texas. This figure exceeds the populations of Dallas, San Antonio, and Austin, three of the largest cities in America. On Abbott’s watch, enough illegal aliens have entered the State of Texas to make a new metropolis nearly as populous as Houston.

Since President Joe Biden’s election in January, Abbott has taken no meaningful actions as illegal border crossings have increased dramatically. CBP currently apprehends more than 6,000 illegal aliens each day in Texas. Thousands more cross each day undetected. Abbott has remained on the sidelines, even as the State of Arizona declared a state of emergency last month.  

Huffines said: 

“Abbott has had six years to get the border under control, and he’s failed. His inaction shows a flagrant disregard for law and order and for the safety of Texans. Texas welcomes people from all backgrounds who come here by legal means, and who value our state, appreciate what makes it special, and want to build their futures here with us. Our state will not welcome chaos, however. Texas needs its own border wall, and it will only get built once we have actual Republican leadership—no excuses.”