Huffines: Abbott Failed on GOP Priorities


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DALLAS, TX, June 7, 2021 — Following the failure of Texas politicians to pass GOP priorities during the most recent legislative session, Republican candidate for Texas governor Don Huffines called for an immediate special session of the Texas Legislature to address critical issues facing Texas. 

Securing our border: We must fund a border wall and stop allowing illegal aliens to pour across the border, be processed, and then get released onto Texas soil.   

Enacting property tax relief: We must pass a comprehensive plan to completely eliminate property taxes and the legislature must simultaneously ensure our public schools are fully funded. Texans property tax bills must go down this year.

Banning child sex change surgery and therapies: We must protect Texas children by outlawing abusive therapies, sex change surgeries, and destructive puberty blockers on minors. 

Ending taxpayer-funded lobbying: We must ensure that Texans’ hard-earned tax dollars are spent in a transparent and fair manner to serve the interests of every citizen in our state, rather than the politically connected few. 

Preventing censorship: We must ban the censorship and suppression of conservative viewpoints by social media platforms, and should empower Texans who see their First Amendment rights infringed upon by these platforms to take big tech companies to court. 

Defending our history: We must safeguard our historical monuments from radicals seeking to destroy them in an effort to rewrite and reimagine our history. 

Protecting girls’ sports: We must protect our daughters’ right to compete on a fair playing field at all educational levels, including NCAA competitions, by banning biological boys and men from competing in girls and women’s sports. 

Enacting term limits: We must enact term limits in order to defend Texans from self interested, power-hungry politicians. 

Huffines said:

“True leaders lead by example. The Texas GOP depends on our leaders to follow through and pass the policies that Republicans voted to enact. We cannot allow Texans to continue to be failed by politicians playing political games. We must demand a special legislative session aimed at passing legislation addressing key issues facing people across our state. The above list represents only a portion of the conservative agenda that must be addressed this year and I look forward to working with the conservative grassroots to accomplish as many victories as possible. Texans deserve leadership—no excuses.”