Huffines: Abbott’s Border Plan Is a Fraud


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DALLAS, TX, June 22, 2021 — Republican candidate for governor of Texas Don Huffines today released the following statement: 

“Greg Abbott stole my campaign’s idea to build a wall along the Texas-Mexico border. Unfortunately, Abbott’s plan to build a border wall is not sufficient. The governor claims that he will mostly fund a wall through donations from conservatives who support the effort. Does he really think that will work? It is never going to get done. Abbott is expecting hard-working conservatives in Texas to pay their taxes—including our ever-increasing property taxes—and then donate even more of their money to build the wall. Additionally, parts of Abbott’s proposed ‘wall’ will be made of chain-linked fencing. His plan is unacceptable and impractical. 

“Abbott has had six years to secure our open border and only now is expressing an interest in taking action because he is facing a serious primary challenger—making his new-found stance on border security politically convenient. Our campaign has received tremendous momentum and he sees his political power being threatened. Texan’s are not ignorant. They know if Abbott wanted to secure the border he would have done so a long time ago.”

In a press conference last Wednesday, Abbott stated Texas would build a wall funded by a $250 million down payment from the state, as well as individual donations. Given that each mile of wall is projected to cost around $46 million, the state’s down payment will only cover five or six miles.

Huffines said:

“When I am governor we will cut wasteful government programs and eliminate all of the taxpayer money Abbott authorizes to subsidize illegal aliens annually. The governor refuses to stop giving them handouts. We will immediately allocate state funds towards a wall that spans the entire Texas-Mexico border. Finally securing our border will save Texans billions of dollars per year.”