Huffines Announces Border Plan


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DALLAS, TX, July 6, 2021 — As his campaign continues to gain momentum and traction with conservative voters across Texas, Republican candidate for governor Don Huffines announced his plan to secure the Texas border and safeguard the lives and liberties of Texans.

Huffines said:

“Our federal government has proven they do not intend to secure the Texas border and never will. Meanwhile, it’s clear Greg Abbott is incapable and unwilling to take the steps necessary to keep Texans safe. Our state is under invasion. Thousands of illegal aliens have entered and are continuing to enter Texas under his watch. When I am governor, that will end.”

Huffines border plan consists of four main action items: 

  • Deploying the Entire Texas National Guard to Secure the Border
  • Finishing Trump’s Wall
  • Placing Economic Pressure on Mexico
  • Mandating E-Verify for All Texas Employers

Huffines said:

“As governor I will use the powers granted under Article I, Section 10 of the U.S. Constitution to defend Texas from invasion. My plan to deploy the Texas Military, finish the border wall, put economic pressure on Mexico, and shut off the magnets of illegal employment and taxpayer-funded handouts that incentivize illegal aliens to come to our state is the only solution to this crisis.

Texans need a courageous, dedicated governor to get the job done. The safety of Texans is my top priority. As governor, I will not stop until the border is secure and illegal immigration ceases entirely.”

Don Huffines’ detailed border plan can be reviewed here: