Huffines Blasts Abbott’s Publicity Stunt, Demands Immediate Action to Protect Texas Kids


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DALLAS, TX, August 5, 2021 — Following Gov. Greg Abbott’s announcement that he would ask the Texas Department of Family Services to issue a determination of whether genital mutilation of a child constitutes abuse, conservative Republican candidate for governor Don Huffines blasted the measure as craven political posturing and demanded immediate action to protect Texas children.
Huffines issued the following statement:
“The letter Greg Abbott sent to DFPS today is one that he could have sent six years ago. He didn’t. He also could have tasked the Texas Legislature with passing it. He hasn’t. He also leaves open the ability for abusers to continue chemical castration and brainwashing—something his own political appointees are participating in. He won’t stop them. This isn’t leadership, it’s craven political posturing.”
Huffines continued:
“Greg Abbott must immediately task the Texas Legislature with outlawing not only genital mutilation, but also the brainwashing and chemical castration of Texas children. Texans deserve a governor who will fight against the radical Leftist sickos and end their war on children.”