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Huffines Calls for Conservative Priorities to be Added to Third Special Session


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DALLAS, TX, September 8, 2021 — After a 140-day regular session and two 30-day special sessions, the Texas Legislature has still failed to pass many of the key conservative reforms Texas voters elected them to pass. Accordingly, conservative candidate for governor Don Huffines is calling for conservative priorities to be added to the third special session. 
Huffines issued the following statement:
“Texans elected Republicans to statewide office and sent strong Republican majorities to the Texas Legislature so they could pass Republican policy priorities into law. Sadly, many important issues for our state remain unaddressed. As Greg Abbott reconvenes the Texas Legislature he must task them with passing additional conservative priorities.”
Specifically, Huffines is calling on the Texas Legislature to address the following issues:
Abolish Abortion: Pass legislation to abolish abortion entirely in Texas and outlaw the termination of the life of an unborn child.
Property Tax Relief for all Texans: Pass legislation providing lasting serious and substantial property tax relief for all Texas property owners.
Border Security: Pass legislation providing for the completion of a physical wall along the entire Texas border.
Forensic Election Audits: Pass legislation requiring a forensic audit of the 2020 election in major Texas counties.
E-Verify for All Businesses: Pass legislation requiring the use of E-Verify by all Texas employers and impose serious penalties on those who break the law and hire illegal aliens.
Quorum Reform: Pass legislation reforming the quorum requirements of the Texas Legislature and punishing lawmakers who left the state during previous special sessions.
Protecting Women’s Sports: Pass legislation restricting participation in collegiate female sports to biological females.
Protecting Texas Kids from Transgender Activists: Pass legislation prohibiting surgeries, brainwashing, and drug administration intended to transition a child from one gender to another. Additionally, pass legislation prohibiting state agencies, including public colleges and universities, from promoting transgender and other LGBT ideology.
Prohibiting Mask Mandates: Pass legislation prohibiting local governments, including public colleges and universities, from imposing mask mandates or requiring COVID tests.
Prohibiting Vaccine Passports: Pass legislation prohibiting all entities, public and private, from requiring COVID vaccination as a condition of employment or obtaining service. Additionally, pass legislation directing state health authorities to create a state-based COVID-19 safety standard based on scientific data and respect for the rights and liberties of Texans.
Local Government Pre-Emption: Pass legislation pre-empting local governments from imposing regulations relating to the practices of private businesses.
Taxpayer-Funded Lobbying: Pass legislation banning taxpayer-funded lobbying by all governmental entities in Texas.
School Choice for All: Pass legislation to empower parents and guardians to choose from public, private, charter, or homeschool options for their children’s education using tax credits or exemptions without government restraint or intrusion.
End In-State Tuition for Illegal Aliens: Pass legislation prohibiting state colleges and universities from awarding scholarships or in-state tuition rates to individuals in the country illegally.
End the Automatic Collection of Labor Union Dues: Pass legislation ending the automatic collection of labor union dues by all governmental entities in Texas.
Monument Protection: Pass legislation protecting historical monuments from being removed, defaced, destroyed, or otherwise dishonored.
Protecting the Texas Grid: Pass legislation eliminating all state-based subsidies for wind and solar energy. Additionally, pursue necessary reforms to promote the integrity of the state’s electrical grid.
Emergency Powers Reform: Pass legislation reforming the Texas Disaster Act and restricting the power of the executive branch.
End Corporate Welfare: Pass legislation to abolish the Texas Enterprise Fund, Texas Major Events Trust Fund, other funds, and dedicate all savings to property tax relief.
Term Limits: Pass legislation prohibiting individuals from serving more than two consecutive four-year terms in statewide office, two consecutive four-year terms in the Texas Senate, or four consecutive two-year terms in the Texas House.
Huffines further added:
“Republican activists have been waiting for the Texas Legislature to pass legislation on these important issues for years only to watch their lawmakers prioritize growing government and listening to lobbyists. It is time for the people’s priorities to take precedence once again. Any legislation the Texas Legislature fails to pass will be an emergency item under my administration.”

Don Huffines is a proud fifth-generation Texan, husband, father, grandfather, and self-made entrepreneur. A committed conservative, Huffines is fighting to safeguard Texans’ elections, phase out property taxes, and secure the border once and for all. Huffines is challenging Gov. Greg Abbott from the right in the Texas Republican primary. Texans deserve leadership. No excuses.