Huffines Calls for Denton to End Taxpayer-Funded Transgender Story Time, Fire Employees

DALLAS, TX, November 12, 2021 — Following a report by The Texan that the city-owned Denton Public Library intends to use taxpayer dollars to host a “Rainbow Family Storytime” (also known as transgender storytime) for children aged 2-8, conservative Republican candidate for governor Don Huffines demanded the City of Denton cancel the event and fire the employees who approved it. This comes on the heels of the Huffines campaign’s discovery that one of Greg Abbott’s state agencies was pushing content to minors on its website to “…celebrate lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender… youth, their peers, and family.” This also follows multiple reports of pornographic books found in public school libraries across the state. 

Don Huffines issued the following statement: 

“Texas libraries are supposed to be places where Texans can read and learn, not spaces where public employees take the innocence of kids and replace it with Leftist sexual indoctrination. I am calling on the City of Denton to cancel ‘transgender storytime’ and fire the library employees who approved the event. Clearly, these individuals have lost the public’s trust.” 

Huffines continued: 

“I want to be very clear. Transgender Storytime is not a ‘blessing of liberty.’ It is a threat to Texas children and an affront to everyday Texans who don’t want their tax dollars used to fuel the desires of fringe activists. All across the nation, the radical Left is at war with families for the safety and innocence of their children. In Texas, we must have courageous leadership willing to fight back.”  

Don Huffines is a proud fifth-generation Texan, husband, father, grandfather, and self-made entrepreneur. A committed conservative, Huffines is fighting to safeguard Texans’ elections, phase out property taxes, and secure the border once and for all. Huffines is challenging Gov. Greg Abbott from the right in the Texas Republican primary. Texans deserve leadership. No excuses.