Huffines Campaign Calls for Firing of LGBTQ Activist Employed by DFPS


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DALLAS, TX, October 13, 2021 — A report by Houston Chronicle yesterday revealed Greg Abbott’s Department of Family and Protective Services removed a webpage that existed to “…empower and celebrate lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex, asexual, ally, and non-heterosexual (LGBTQIA+) youth…” This removal was in direct response to criticism from the Huffines campaign. Today, conservative Republican candidate for governor Don Huffines called for the firing of Debra Emerson, the employee who approved the website content.
Huffines issued the following statement:
“According to its website, DFPS exists to ‘…[work] with communities to promote safe and healthy families and protect children and vulnerable adults from abuse, neglect, and exploitation…’ Instead, they are providing exploitative content which sexualizes children. As governor, I will ensure this predatory grooming of Texas kids ends. Any adult who pushes the perverted LGBTQ agenda on our children will be promptly removed from all positions within Texas government agencies.”
Huffines further added:
“Greg Abbott has continued to pay these radical Leftists, and this shows that the only reason he removed the website was to protect his political career. It is horrifying that the brainwashing and abuse of Texas kids have been allowed to fester within Greg Abbott’s administration. We call on him to fire Debra Emerson and anyone else working within Texas agencies who believes it is appropriate to use children as a vehicle for their own sick, radical, left-wing ideology. It is time to fight for Texas kids.” 

Don Huffines is a proud fifth-generation Texan, husband, father, grandfather, and self-made entrepreneur. A committed conservative, Huffines is fighting to safeguard Texans’ elections, phase out property taxes, and secure the border once and for all. Huffines is challenging Gov. Greg Abbott from the right in the Texas Republican primary. Texans deserve leadership. No excuses.