Huffines Celebrates Canceling of Denton Library Transgender StoryTime

DALLAS, TX, November 16, 2021 — Following pressure from the Don Huffines campaign and conservative grassroots Texans, the City of Denton announced yesterday that Transgender StoryTime has been canceled. Originally scheduled for November 20, Transgender StoryTime (also known as Rainbow StoryTime) aimed to expose Texas children aged 2-8 years old to inappropriate sexual material and ideology.  This is another victory for the Huffines campaign after breaking the news that the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services mandated Critical Race Theory training. The Huffines campaign forced the same agency to remove materials celebrating transgender youth from its website.  

Conservative Republican candidate for governor Don Huffines issued the following statement:  “I am pleased that the pressure raised by our campaign and, more importantly, concerned patriots in Denton County led to the appropriate cancellation of this event. Children should not be used as pawns by adults with a sexual agenda. Because of the outcry from local families, officials in the City of Denton are attempting to rewrite the facts of what happened. They now claim that the event was never intended to teach children anything about the transgender lifestyle or leftist gender identity issues. From the beginning, the event was advertised as transgender storytime with books pushed by leftist gender activists.”  

Huffines further added:  

“I am proud of the patriotic citizens of Denton for their efforts to defend their children and their community from Leftist indoctrination. It is a shame that a campaign such as mine has played a bigger role in defense of Texas values than the elected politicians with the power to solve the problems we face. For too long, Texans have been represented by Republicans who are too afraid to do their job—when I am governor, that will change.”  

Don Huffines is a proud fifth-generation Texan, husband, father, grandfather, and self-made entrepreneur. A committed conservative, Huffines is fighting to safeguard Texans’ elections, phase out property taxes, and secure the border once and for all. Huffines is challenging Gov. Greg Abbott from the right in the Texas Republican primary. Texans deserve leadership. No excuses.