Huffines Condemns Abbott for Failing to Lead on Protecting Texas Children, Taxpayer-Funded Lobbying, and the Texas Border


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DALLAS, TX, July 7, 2021 — Following Gov. Greg Abbott’s proclamation identifying his agenda for the special session, conservative Republican candidate for governor Don Huffines blasted the incumbent for refusing to add legislation to protect children from genital mutilation, banning taxpayer-funded lobbying, actual border security policy and other conservative Republican priorities on his agenda.

Huffines said:

“I’m glad Gov. Abbott continues to steal my work and finally prioritize some conservative items I’ve been fighting for and he’s been failing on for years. However, Abbott’s refusal to add legislation to the call that protects vulnerable Texas children from Left-wing sickos who want to cause them irreversible harm and legislation banning the use of taxpayer dollars to lobby the legislature are glaring omissions that show how far out of touch he is with everyday Texans. The lack of specific border policy that will actually stop the flow of illegals into our state is also unacceptable.”

Huffines added:

“Here’s the truth: Greg Abbott could have prioritized these issues during the regular session or during his preceding years as governor, but he either refused or failed. His decision to address some of them now is a clear response to the momentum my campaign against him is receiving from grassroots Texans across the state.”