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Huffines Demands Abbott Stop Surrendering to Local Mask Tyrants


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DALLAS, TX, August 11, 2021 — Following reports that Houston ISD, Dallas ISD, Fort Worth ISD, and other local governments across the state intend to or have already imposed mask mandates on Texas kids and citizens, conservative candidate for governor Don Huffines demanded Texas leaders override their orders and punish those who implemented them.
Huffines issued the following statement:
“While Greg Abbott brags about banning mask mandates in Texas, the largest and most populous counties in the state are imposing them on citizens. These mandates are an attack on the rights and liberties of Texans and a glaring example of gross overreach by local governments.”
Huffines further added:
“It is past time for the Greg Abbott and the Texas Legislature to take the necessary steps to override these mandates and impose real consequences on any local government official or bureaucrat who is trying to implement them whether they are a Mayor, County Judge, or Superintendent. These attacks on Texans’ rights must end immediately.”