Huffines Demands Action to End Child Genital Mutilation


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DALLAS, TX, August 2, 2021 — Two years ago Greg Abbott promised Jeff Younger that he would look into and halt what was happening to his son James, a young boy whose mother is seeking to chemically castrate him. Two weeks ago, on the Mark Davis show, Greg Abbott claimed the Texas House would not pass a bill banning the chemical and physical mutilation of children and that he would be instead be issuing an executive order. Despite Abbott’s repeated promises, still nothing has happened to protect Texas kids.
Huffines issued the following statement:
“Texas children have been victimized by the radical Left and sickos for years and Greg Abbott isn’t doing anything to stop it. His complete failure to support legislation during the last session that would have protected kids from mutilation is inexcusable. This is another example of Greg Abbott’s failed leadership. Another example of talking the talk while failing to deliver real results.”
James Younger’s father Jeff endorsed Huffines after 2 years of Abbott’s silence.
Huffines continued:
“This issue must be put on the special session call and it must encompass all of the sexual abuse that is occurring to children as young as 3 and as old as 17.  Texans cannot afford a governor who will give them lip service while the radical Left makes war on our culture and our state. Our children are being targeted and we cannot lose this fight. As Governor, I will immediately use every available avenue to completely ban the barbaric practice of genital mutilation on minors. Texans are ready to fight back against this perverse madness. They need a leader who will fight with them.”