Huffines Demands Special Session to Address Republican Failures


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DALLAS, TX, May 26, 2021 — In response to Texas politicians failing to pass a number of key GOP priorities, Republican candidate for governor Don Huffines today released the following statement: 

“Once again, Texans were failed by cowards in Austin. Republican politicians, despite having trifecta control in Texas, worked with Democrats to kill a number of key GOP bills. I support calls for an imminent special session and believe we must pass every GOP priority, finish building Donald Trump’s border wall, and put Texas on a pathway to eliminating property taxes.”

Among the bills that Republicans killed were legislative efforts to end taxpayer-funded lobbying, ban social media companies from silencing conservatives, prevent biological boys from playing in girls’ sports, and outlaw sex change surgeries and controversial hormone therapies on children—all of which have strong support amongst Texas Republican voters. 

Governor Greg Abbott, who has refused to support legislation on any of these critical topics, indicated that he will call a special session in the fall for legislators to complete the decennial redrawing of districts. However, he has made no indication that GOP priorities will be addressed.

Huffines said:

“Texas conservatives have made their priorities clear, but these priorities continue to be met with inaction and excuses. Texans cannot afford to wait any longer for results on top GOP issues including building the border wall, phasing out property taxes, protecting girls’ sports, banning sex change surgery and destructive therapies on children, ending taxpayer funded lobbying, stopping social media censorship, and protecting our historical monuments. We haven’t even discussed term limits, either. The primary reason these bills have not been passed is because Abbott won’t support them. Texans deserve leadership no excuses.”