Huffines: Texas Legislature’s Failure to Pass Election Integrity Bill Is a Failure of Leadership by Governor Abbott


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DALLAS, TX, May 31, 2021 — Addressing the failure of Republicans to pass election integrity legislation, Republican candidate for Texas governor Don Huffines today issued the following statement:

“Last night, the Republican-led Texas House of Representatives allowed Democratic lawmakers to kill election integrity legislation. A critical bill like this can only fail in a Republican-led chamber when there is a failure of leadership from the Texas governor. 

“I am running to be governor of the State of Texas to make GOP priorities an actual priority. This means we will introduce and pass bills that are in the best interest of Texans at the beginning of a legislative session, rather than cowardly putting off our most important work until the final hours of a legislative session. 

“I, along with Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick, am calling on Governor Abbott to immediately convene a special session to ensure election integrity legislation is passed along with other GOP legislative priorities. We need to stop these failures of Republican leadership in their tracks.”