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Huffines: Widespread Power Outages Unacceptable


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DALLAS, TX, June 14, 2021 — The Electric Reliability Council of Texas, which manages the flow of electric power to more than 26 million Texans, today issued a conservation alert urging citizens to limit their use of electricity, stating that power demands outpaced supplies. The request comes just four months after the widespread February power outages that left over five million people without power during dangerously cold weather. 

Less than a month before today’s power shortage, Governor Greg Abbott expressed confidence and reassurance in Texas’ power grid. Just last Tuesday he proudly declared that new reforms “fixed all of the flaws” that caused the February power outages. 

Republican candidate for Texas governor Don Huffines said:

“Texans deserve a governor who can keep the lights on. This is ridiculous. While the February snow storm might have been a surprise, a hot Texas summer is one of the most obvious and predictable events to prepare for. Greg Abbott should immediately retract his statement that recent efforts ‘fixed all of the flaws’ plaguing Texas’ power grid and work on solving the problems that clearly still exist. This is a national embarrassment. The Democrats would love to run against Abbott’s track record of failure next November. 

“Unfortunately, Abbott failed to properly address our power grid issues, and as a result has placed countless lives at risk once again.” 

Under Abbott’s leadership, Texas significantly increased its reliance on so-called alternative energy, meaning windmills. In 2015, wind power accounted for 11 percent of Texas’ energy grid; last year it accounted for 23 percent. In February Abbott happily accepted the Wind Leadership Award for increasing Texas’ reliance on wind power. Weeks later, windmills across the state froze and the power grid failed.