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Abbott Brags About 52 Feet Worth of Border Wall Funding


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Abbott Brags About 52 Feet Worth of Border Wall Funding 

DALLAS, TX, June 25, 2021 — In response to Governor Greg Abbott announcing that he has raised $397,000 in donations to build his border “wall,” Republican candidate for governor of Texas Don Huffines today released the following statement: 

“Greg Abbott has been boasting on Twitter about the donations he has convinced patriotic Texans to contribute towards building a border fence. Abbott’s plan places the burden of building a border fence on donations from hardworking Texans. Given that each mile of an actual border wall costs about $46 million to construct, the $397,000 raised is only enough to build 52 feet of wall. For reference, the entire Texas-Mexico border is 1,254 miles—or 6.6 million feet—long. At this rate, it would take Abbott more than 2,000 years—or 145,000 weeks—to build a wall spanning Texas’ entire southern border. This is an embarrassment and yes, we did the math.”

Here is a list of things that are longer/taller than 52 feet: A football field, a Buc-ee’s bathroom, the Texas State Fair’s Big Tex, the San Jacinto Monument, and Sam Houston’s statue in Huntsville.

Huffines said:

“Abbott’s funding plan for a wall is not only unrealistic, but also insulting to hardworking conservatives who are so desperate for a secure border, that they are willing to donate even more of their hard-earned money to a wall after paying high taxes—including exorbitant property taxes. Texas needs a more immediate solution to the current border crisis that has reached historic heights on Abbott’s watch. When I am governor of Texas, we will cut the wasteful government spending that Abbott has prioritized year after year in his budgets, and put that money towards a wall. We will start building immediately, and won’t stop until the wall spans every inch of the crossable Texas-Mexico border.”

I Stand With Texas

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I used to say, if we lose Texas we lose the country.

Now, I say if we lose Texas, we are going to lose the free world.

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