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Huffines Demands Greg Abbott Act to Protect Texas Kids or “Come Out” on Transgender Issues


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Huffines Demands Greg Abbott Act to Protect Texas Kids or “Come Out” on Transgender Issues

DALLAS, TX, August 11, 2021—Following Gov. Greg Abbott’s continued refusal to support legislation protecting kids as young as three from chemical castration and brainwashing, and his record of enabling the radical Leftist transgender movement, conservative candidate for governor Don Huffines called on Abbott to end his dishonesty with Texans.
Huffines issued the following statement:
“Greg Abbott has a record of saying one thing and doing another when it comes to transgender issues in Texas. Put simply, he has a record of being dishonest with Texans.”
Huffines statement comes following an interview of Abbott by Dallas radio host Mark Davis in July in which he promised to take executive action to protect Texas kids from abusers and a report by POLITICO in which former State Rep. Byron Cook said Abbott worked behind the scenes to kill legislation that would have protected women in public bathrooms in 2017.

Huffines further added:
“Greg Abbott was dishonest to Jeff Younger when he promised he would stop the abuses being inflicted on his son James. He was dishonest to Dallas radio host Mark Davis when he promised to issue an executive order outlawing the dispensation of puberty blockers and chemical castration of minors. And we found out yesterday he was dishonest to everyday Texans who wanted to keep biological men out of women’s bathrooms.
This is the craven political pandering typical of someone who has spent 31 years getting a paycheck from the government. It’s not at all reflective of the character and conviction necessary to lead 29 million Texans.
It’s past time for Greg Abbott to put an end to the games and be honest with voters about where he stands on these issues. He can either demand legislation to protect vulnerable kids from abusers, protect girls’ and womens' sports at the K-12 and collegiate level, and protect women in public restrooms, or he can come out as an ally of the transgender movement.”

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