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‘Stop Giving Illegals Our Money’: Huffines Launches Billboards Across Texas


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‘Stop Giving Illegals Our Money’: Huffines Launches Billboards Across Texas

DALLAS, TX, June 9, 2021 — Republican candidate for Texas governor Don Huffines this week unveiled billboards across the state to promote his campaign. The billboards focus on the Huffines campaign’s theme of bringing strong conservative leadership to Texas by closing the border, removing taxpayer subsidies to illegals, and eliminating the property tax system once and for all.

Huffines said:

“This campaign has the resources necessary to spread our message far and wide, until we reach every Texan. Since we announced our campaign, we have seen tremendous momentum. Texans have found a home for their growing frustration that Republicans are allowing Joe Biden’s open border policies to stand, while spending billions in taxpayer money on medical care, education, and in-state tuition for illegals. All while Texans’ property taxes continue to soar. It’s an outrage, and it ends when I am governor. 

“Our commitment to bring back actual Republican leadership to Texas is resonating with Texans, who are excited to have a conservative alternative to RINO Greg Abbott for the first time. Texans are tired of empty promises and excuses. It’s time to drain the Austin swamp of career politicians and restore Texans' faith in their leaders.”

More information on Huffines’ property tax plan can be found at:

I Stand With Texas

Texas: Our Last Stand

I used to say, if we lose Texas we lose the country.

Now, I say if we lose Texas, we are going to lose the free world.

Leadership. No excuses. Huffines for Governor.
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