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Property Taxes

Texans deserve to truly own their homes. Our state has some of the highest property taxes in the nation. Skyrocketing property taxes prevent hardworking families from true homeownership by forcing them to pay ever-increasing payments, much like rent, to the government.

The key to property tax elimination is strong leadership—and that leadership starts at the top. Texas needs a governor who actually wants to provide property tax relief, and who will step up to lead the legislature.

It’s time to provide Texans with relief from skyrocketing property taxes. We can phase out the property tax system entirely.

I will task the legislature with delivering a constitutional amendment that Texans will all get to vote on. This will ensure that no reversal can take place after your property taxes start going down. It could be completely eliminated in as little as 10 years.

Principles that will lead to property tax elimination are below:

  • Phase out the property tax system entirely

  • Allow Texans to vote on a constitutional amendment that puts property taxes on a path to zero 

  • Place a stronger cap on state spending and then prioritize our budget to guarantee that public schools are fully-funded as school property taxes are phased out 

  • End the largest portion of property taxes, the public school portion, before the end of my time as governor

  • Implement cuts to wasteful programs that don’t serve Texans

  • Ensure that consumption tax swaps are slow and gradual as property taxes fall significantly. Income taxes are off the table

We have the most creative and innovative minds in Texas. We have the solutions to get the job done and provide relief for hard working citizens. 

Texans deserve real leadership, and they need it now. People are literally being taxed out of their homes. It’s unacceptable that Texans can spend decades doing the right thing, paying off their mortgage, only to lose their home due to skyrocketing property taxes.

The government doesn’t own your home—you do!


I Stand With Texas

Texas: Our Last Stand

I used to say, if we lose Texas we lose the country.

Now, I say if we lose Texas, we are going to lose the free world.

Leadership. No excuses. Huffines for Governor.
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