Republican Don Huffines Announces Candidacy for Texas Governor


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Republican Don Huffines Announces Candidacy for Texas Governor

DALLAS, TX, May 10, 2021 — Don Huffines announced today his bid to become governor of Texas. Huffines is a self-made businessman who earned a reputation for being one of Texas’ most fearless and conservative lawmakers while in the state senate.

“I’m a proud fifth-generation Texan,” Huffines said. “For too long, Texas has been let down by politicians who offer nothing but excuses and lies. Our border is still wide open. Property taxes keep going up. And our election laws continue to be ignored. Plain and simple, our politicians aren’t getting things done, and Texans have rightfully run out of patience.

“I will fight and win on behalf of Texans. We will protect our great state and secure our freedoms. I am ready to take on the federal government and the entrenched elites of the Austin swamp. We will finally finish the wall and secure our border—and we’re not going to ask for permission to do it. We will put Texas on a path to eliminating property taxes. And we will enforce our sacred voting laws, so that the voices of lawful voters are preserved and not diluted through corrupt election procedures.”

The only state level office holder in Texas history to never accept a penny of government money during his tenure, Huffines is recognized as an effective defender of government accountability and the Constitution. While in office, he fought to support term limits, protect life, expand school choice, and defend Second Amendment rights. He led an initiative that brought down the largest government corruption scandal in Texas history, eliminating a state agency that stole tens of millions of dollars from taxpayers. Six people were imprisoned after Huffine’s efforts uncovered their roles in the scheme.

“I am running for governor because I love Texas and am determined to solve the critical problems that have been neglected for too long,” Huffines said. “Texas deserves actual Republican leadership that will act urgently and decisively—no more excuses or lies. Our state is a lighthouse of freedom for our nation and the world. We will unapologetically defend that freedom.”