Tucker Carlson is Right—Abbott Must Deploy National Guard to Texas Border


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DALLAS, TX, June 30, 2021 — Republican candidate for governor of Texas Don Huffines today released the following statement:

“Greg Abbott continues to fail and embarrass Texans by refusing to take prudent and necessary steps to secure our southern border from the invasion of illegal aliens who cross it every day. In Abbott’s refusal to defend our state’s sovereignty and citizens, he has permitted unprecedented harm to Texans’ lives and livelihoods. Our republic cannot survive Abbott’s continued failures, excuses, or lip service blaming the federal government for his own refusal to act.”

Texas has the necessary resources and authority to secure the Texas-Mexico border with or without the aid of the federal government. As Fox News’ Tucker Carlson noted last night:

“The question is: what can we do about it? The [Biden-Harris administration] is out of control, there’s no oversight at all from Congress, certainly not from the media. The stakes couldn’t be higher. At this point, there’s only one way to stop it. There’s only one man who can. His name is Greg Abbott, and he is the governor of Texas. The Governor could send the National Guard to the border and seal it. It’s his border too.
“There are 19,000 soldiers in its national guard. Greg Abbott has only deployed 500 of them to the border. Why is that? Why not seal the border between Texas and Mexico? California is not going to do it. Arizona may or may not. Texas could tomorrow.”

Huffines said:

“If we don’t act to secure our border soon, we will lose Texas—and indeed, we will lose our country. Texans deserve public officials who take responsibility and get the job done rather than hiding from the public and offering excuses to the press.”