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Huffines Endorses Bo French for Tarrant GOP Chair


Contact: Noah Betz; 281-928-2089

DALLAS, TX, October 22, 2023 — Today, former State Senator Don Huffines endorsed Bo French for Chairman of the Tarrant County Republican Party.

Huffines released the following statement:

“I wholeheartedly endorse Bo French for Tarrant County GOP Chairman in the upcoming election on October 23rd.”

“Bo embodies the values we hold dear as Republicans. His commitment to the cause, tireless work ethic, and exceptional fundraising abilities set him apart. Bo is not just a conservative; he is a true patriot and a liberty lover who understands the importance of preserving our values and principles.”

“His conservative credentials and dedication to accountability and promoting our party’s priorities make him the ideal candidate for Tarrant County GOP Chairman. With Bo at the helm, we can be confident in the fight against those who seek to undermine our conservative values.”

“I urge you to join me in supporting Bo French for Tarrant County GOP Chairman on October 23rd. Bo doesn’t just have my endorsement; he’ll have my unwavering support as he takes office.”