The Fight for Liberty Continues.

Hello Patriots.

Texas Republicans voted overwhelmingly for conservative reforms via the ballot referenda. Enacting Article I, Section 10 of the Constitution and stopping the illegal invasion, phasing out property taxes, and ending abortion in Texas are the issues that unite our party and must define our agenda in both the November election and the next legislative session. WE MUST EMBOLDEN OUR LEADERS WITH A COURSE TO ENACT ALL OF OUR PLATFORM INTO LAW.

I will always fight to defend the God-given rights and liberties of Texans. I’ve founded the Huffines Liberty Foundation to do just that.


The federal government is never going to secure the Texas Border. It’s time for courageous Texas leaders who will stop this invasion by finishing Donald Trump’s wall, ending taxpayer benefits for illegals, passing E-Verify, and sending illegals who do cross back across the Rio Grande.


Government lockdowns, mask mandates, and vaccine passports violate the rights of everyday Texans and infringe on their liberties. We must never allow them in Texas.


CRT is a poisonous, Marxist ideology that has no place in Texas schools, universities, or state agencies. It also has no place in any company that receives taxpayer dollars or government investment. We must root this poison out!