Texas is under attack.

If we lose Texas to the left, we can kiss the free world goodbye. I’m running because Texas is turning blue under our RINO leadership.

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Don Huffines Issues Warning to Joe Biden, No Texas National Guard for Ukraine or Other Foreign Wars Without Congressional Declaration of War

Joe Biden is considering deploying troops to Ukraine and the Baltics in conflict with Russia. Conservative candidate for Texas governor Don Huffines outlined his opposition to unconstitutional war and a…

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Huffines Announces Bitcoin Policy, Plans to Make Texas the Citadel for Bitcoin

On Friday, conservative Republican candidate for Governor of Texas Don Huffines released his plan to make Texas the leading state in America for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.  A link to…

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Houston Chronicle: “Abbott’s border crackdown is backfiring, giving more migrants a clearer path to the U.S.”

On Wednesday, the Houston Chronicle released a report showing that Greg Abbott’s Catch and Release program on the Texas Border isn’t making Texas safer; it in fact gives illegal aliens…

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Don Huffines Reports Over $12 Million Raised in Campaign for Governor

On Monday, Republican candidate for governor Don Huffines announced his campaign has raised over $12 million thus far. This announcement shatters the fundraising figures of Greg Abbott’s previous Republican primary…

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Dr. Peter C. Chambers Endorses Don Huffines for Texas Governor

On Thursday, Dr. Peter C. “Doc” Chambers has announced his endorsement of conservative Republican candidate for Governor Don Huffines. Chambers is a 37-year combat veteran, Purple Heart recipient, and a…

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Huffines Calls on Greg Abbott to Call Special Session to Ban Vaccine Mandates

Following the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to allow Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate for healthcare workers to stand, conservative Republican candidate for Texas Governor Don Huffines called on Greg Abbott to…

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Huffines Issues Statement Following Supreme Court Ruling Against Biden OSHA Vaccine Mandate

On Thursday, the U.S. Supreme Court blocked Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate for employers while leaving in place a mandate that healthcare workers be vaccinated or risk losing their jobs. Conservative…

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Jeff Cason Endorses Don Huffines for Governor

Today, conservative Republican State Rep. Jeff Cason announced his endorsement of conservative Republican Don Huffines in the primary election against incumbent Greg Abbott. Cason issued the following statement: “For far…

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Huffines Condemns Greg Abbott for Ordering Flags at Half-Mast in Honor of Left-Wing Democrat Harry Reid

Today, a report by Texas Scorecard revealed that Greg Abbott has ordered Texans to fly their flags at half-mast on January 8 in honor of former U.S. Senator Harry Reid. A Democrat who served 30…

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Huffines Demands Full Forensic Election Audit, Prosecution of Law Breakers

DALLAS, TX, January 3, 2021— Last week, the Texas Secretary of State’s office released a progress report on the ongoing audit of the 2020 election. The initial results from just a minor review prove…

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