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Huffines and Webster Discuss Texas Baseball and the Fight for School Choice

Huffines and Kenny Webster discuss passing school choice, Texas baseball, a global day of jihad, and more!

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Huffines and Webster discuss removing Dade Phelan, passing school choice, and the DC Speaker fight

Can the Texas House remove Dade Phelan? Will Texas finally pass school choice? Huffines and Webster discuss.

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Huffines Warns Against Weaponizing Impeachment Process on The Chris Salcedo Show

Don Huffines and Chris Salcedo discuss the weaponized impeachment process and holding the Texas House accountable.

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Huffines Slams Impeachment, Wide-Open Border on The Mark Davis Show

Don Huffines and Mark Davis discuss the failed impeachment, the Democrat-controlled Texas House, and the wide-open Texas Border.

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Why Should Border States Foot The Bill For Illegal Immigration?

In July of this past summer, U.S. border arrests of illegal aliens along the Mexican border surged to 132,648, up from 99,543 during the previous month. The news was so bad…

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Texas’ #1 Enemy Is the Cartel-Controlled Mexican Government

Don Huffines and Kenny Webster discuss the communist plot to flood Texas with illegal aliens and destroy America.

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An invasion of the U.S. is under way. It’s time to invoke the Constitution

The Mexico border has been, and will continue to be, the number one policy issue facing Texas – and America. Security is the safeguard of freedom, and there can be no serious discussion of…

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Huffines Slams Liberal Texas House Leadership

Today, former state senator Don Huffines issued the following statement about the failed impeachment of Attorney General Ken Paxton: “My former colleagues in the Texas Senate listened to the evidence…

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Huffines Argues Texas Hasn’t Gone Far Enough After Judge Orders Buoys Removed

“Article 1, Section 10 of the Constitution clearly gives the states the authority to do what they need to do to repel an invasion if the federal government is not…

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Abbott Touts Misleading Tax Cuts

Recently, Texas politicians took a victory lap as Gov. Greg Abbott signed what they claimed—at $18 billion—to be the “largest property tax cut in Texas history!” The problem with their…

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