Don Huffines has a fervent passion for liberty and expanding conservative philosophy by thinking broadly, seeing beyond the obvious, and working with integrity to apply common sense solutions to the problems that face the state of Texas. As a Dallas native and fifth generation Texan, he continues to honor his family's legacy of faith in God, hard work, and public service.

Don is a business man. The Huffines family’s roots run deep in Texas. Before the turn of the 20th century his family started out in agriculture, working the land by hand. In 1924, Don’s grandfather started an automobile business which is still family owned and operated in the North Texas area. Soon after graduating from the University of Texas in 1981 with a degree in Finance, he and his twin brother started one of the largest real estate land development companies in all of North Texas, Huffines Communities. It's a business they still own and operate today.

Don is a family man. Don and his “beautiful, perfect” wife Mary Catherine – as he lovingly calls her – have been married for more than thirty years and have been blessed with five children. Their four sons and one daughter are all young adults who are entering the workforce and applying the family lessons of hard work, faith in God, and seeing beyond the obvious. Don is a successful small business owner who has created hundreds of jobs and signed thousands of paychecks.

Don is a public servant. Don is a true public servant. He doesn’t accept the pay, per diem, travel reimbursement, or any other offered benefits, such as healthcare or pension. This makes sure that he stays grounded and constantly aware of whom he serves: the hard-working residents and taxpayers of Senate District 16. Don is a watchdog for taxpayers.

The ultimate goal for Don is to bring all Texans together to achieve unimaginable prosperity through limited government so we may cherish the liberty that God alone has bestowed upon us. Don believes that in order to attain this, we must foster private charity, personal responsibility, and the fortification of the traditional family. Instead of turning to government for answers or solutions, Don believes in the power of the individual, not government, to solve the issues we face. He believes that by working together, Texas' greatest days are yet to dawn, and our future is limitless.

A desire to challenge the status quo and solve the big issues facing Texas led Don to enter into the world of politics. Don was first elected to the Texas Senate in 2014. He served his first session during the 84th Legislature in 2015, and he served his second session in the 85th Legislature in 2017. As a lifelong Republican activist at the grassroots level, Don has also served as a delegate to the 2008 and 2012 Republican National Conventions and as an alternate delegate in 2016.

As your state Senator, Don has diligently and successfully fought for legislation that protects kids, secures the border, keeps Texans safe, cuts taxes, and secures the integrity of elections. Don continues to play an active role in ethics reform, increasing transparency, and limiting the growth of government by trimming bureaucratic waste. Don is a reformer who stands for term limits and against self-serving career politicians and special interests.

Currently, Don serves as Vice-Chair of the Senate Committee on Veteran Affairs and Border Security. He also serves on the Senate Intergovernmental Relations, Education, Administration, and Natural Resource and Economic Development Committees.

Don's principles and goals became reality in the 2017 85th Legislative Session. He worked tirelessly to produce a conservative budget by means of budget transparency and reduction of spending. He fought to ensure that all Texans are safe by advancing border security and a strong ban on sanctuary cities. He continues to support term limits legislation for all elected office holders at all levels.

Don has backed the blue and helped open the door to a brighter, safer and more prosperous future for the great men and women of the Dallas first responder community by reforming their badly broken pension system. He has helped to lower the interest rate on property tax deferrals, as well as give the people of Dallas County the right to vote to abolish Dallas' corrupt & dangerous government bus bureaucracy. Following a successful, nonpartisan campaign led by Don, voters overwhelmingly agreed to protect students and stand for taxpayers by abolishing “Dallas County Schools”.

"As your State Senator, I am proud to work for you which is why my office has an open door policy and I publicly give out my cell phone. Feel free to call me anytime, (214) 536-8592.” -Don Huffines