Election Integrity & Citizenship Verification

Non-citizens are voting in Texas elections, and Don is leading the charge to stop it. Illegal aliens and non-citizens should have no voice at the ballot box. Voting must be reserved for qualified U.S. citizens only. To stand for the wellbeing of our democracy, Don is working to maintain the integrity of our elections by keeping non-citizens from voting.

Border Security & Stopping Illegal Immigration

Don knows that we must keep Texans safe. That’s why he helped pass Texas’ ban on sanctuary cities to keep dangerous criminal aliens off our streets. For public safety and taxpayer responsibility, he will continue to work to secure the border and stop illegal immigration.

Jobs & the Economy

As a successful businessman who has created hundreds of jobs and signed thousands of paychecks, Don deeply understands the value, dignity, and self-worth that comes with a good job. He will continue to get government out of the way so job creators, innovators, and investors to take the Texas economic miracle to the next level.

Property Taxes

Property taxes are too high! Like the residents and taxpayers of Senate District 16, Don is sick and tired of renting his home from the government. He will work to allow voters to stop property tax growth, as well as other solutions. Don also believes that job creators need property tax relief, too!

Economic & Personal Liberty

Don believes you have the right to earn an honest living, free from unnecessary barriers or regulations by the government. Don will continue to stand up to regulatory barriers and aggressive cities that stymie innovation and impede your economic liberty. He understands that your personal liberty comes from God, not the government and will always stand in defense of your personal liberty against anyone who might challenge it.