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Category: Commentary

Why Should Border States Foot The Bill For Illegal Immigration?

In July of this past summer, U.S. border arrests of illegal aliens along the Mexican border surged to 132,648, up from 99,543 during the previous month. The news was so bad…

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An invasion of the U.S. is under way. It’s time to invoke the Constitution

The Mexico border has been, and will continue to be, the number one policy issue facing Texas – and America. Security is the safeguard of freedom, and there can be no serious discussion of…

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Abbott Touts Misleading Tax Cuts

Recently, Texas politicians took a victory lap as Gov. Greg Abbott signed what they claimed—at $18 billion—to be the “largest property tax cut in Texas history!” The problem with their…

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This is why Texas should eliminate school property taxes

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick and the Texas Senate are traveling down the wrong road by going all in on raising the homestead exemption. This has been done multiple times in the past…

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Property tax cuts proposed by House and Senate are Band-Aid solutions

Take a moment to imagine the liberty and prosperity in Texas if we had the ability to actually own our property. Because in a way, we don’t. And this is…

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Raising homestead exemption is wrong way for Texas to reform property taxes

Like our Texas Longhorn, the homestead exemption tax seems to live and multiply well beyond its years. Unlike our prized bovine, however, there is nothing positive about its increase. Our…

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Secure the Border & Encourage Cooperation with Mexico

In response to the recent killing and kidnapping of U.S. citizens, many warmongers are rallying behind calls for military action, bombings, and war in Mexico. The situation on our border is dire, but…

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Many better options

We need to be clear that the Texas property tax burden does not just affect homeowners. High property taxes reduce investment, depress worker pay, increase consumer prices and push rents…

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Reducing property taxes in Texas is as easy as one, two, three

Only in Austin could politicians defend not cutting property taxes by claiming doing so would mean more spending. Yet that is exactly what is happening in the Texas Capitol as…

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